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Windows 11 is being launched today:What to expect

Windows 11 is all set to launch on June 24. As far as the next generation Windows is concerned, this time the company can make some changes in the user interface. The codename of Windows 11 can be Sun Valley.

Microsoft is about to unveil Windows 11 today, the company’s next major operating system. A new Start menu, rounded corners, and a general UI overhaul have been expected for months.

Refreshing the 35-year-old operating system can result in additional revenue growth for the world’s second-most valuable public company, behind only Apple. Over time, the new Windows will likely be widely adopted as millions of consumers and office workers make the upgrade from Windows 10, the top PC operating system.

As far as the next generation Windows is concerned, this time the company can make some changes in the user interface. The codename of Windows 11 can be Sun Valley. Many changes have been made in it, such as a new start menu, rounded corners, and more. Support for Dark Mode can be found in Windows 11 where the main elements of the UI such as Start Menu, File Explorer, Context Menu can be available with rounded corners. With the new update, a new Windows logo can also be launched. Recently some of its photos were leaked, which revealed that the new logo will be presented with a new Sun Valley design theme with blue color.

According to a report, not only Windows 10 users will get the update of Windows 11 but also those with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 will be beneficial. The report further states, if the Microsoft made these changes, then the number of users of its new Windows can see a tremendous increase.

The leaked reports suggest the biggest change in the new window will be the taskbar. It can now be shifted towards the center and can also get a new start button and menu. The Start menu is without live tiles and can have a quick shutdown/restart button for pinned apps, recent files, and Windows 11 devices. Although there’s not much information available about Windows 11 right now, but we can’t wait more for this new Windows to be made available to us.

A performance boost

Some of the people who installed the leaked Windows 11 build ran tests and found that the operating system delivered faster performance than the latest version of Windows 10, which itself was advertised as being “fast and familiar” when it was released in 2015.

The new version delivered better results than Windows 10 in a variety of comparisons on a Samsung PC running an Intel “Lakefield” chip, according to a report from Hot Hardware.

A revamped store

Nadella said last month that the Windows update would benefit developers. One place developers can expose their applications to end users in Windows is Microsoft’s app store. The company already said in April that it will lower the percentage of revenue that it keeps for itself from app store purchases, and Windows 11 could build on that.

Microsoft has been taking steps to permit developers to use third-party commerce systems for apps they’d like to list in the Store, and the company wants to make room for classic Win32 applications in the Store without requiring software changes, Windows Central reported in April.


Finally, there could be unexpected announcements. On Tuesday Microsoft employee Miguel de Icaza said on Twitter that the company will talk about something he spent years pushing for. De Icaza joined Microsoft in 2016 as part of its acquisition of Xamarin, which allows software developers to build mobile apps for multiple platforms — including Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android — using Microsoft’s C# programming language.

Microsoft could also use the event as a chance to discuss structural changes to the Windows business.

“We’ll be listening carefully for any hint that Microsoft might use this launch to accelerate the transition of Windows revs to more of a subscription/ratable model, via a ‘Windows-as-a-Service’ offering or via a stronger M365 push (which bundles Office 365, Windows 10 and EMS), and whether an OS/desktop upgrade might boost enterprise Teams adoption,” analysts at UBS, which has a buy rating on Microsoft stock, wrote in a Monday note.


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