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Beware of these malware apps on Google Play Store! Delete from your phone now

Some apps on Google Play Store have dangerous malware in them and shockingly millions of people have downloaded them. Know what you should do.

A month ago, cybersecurity researchers uncovered some extremely dangerous adware and data-stealing malware apps on the Google Play Store. And shockingly, at least five of them are still available on the Play Store. It has now been reported that these apps have managed to garner over two million downloads. What’s more worrying is that the spyware apps can steal data from the other apps’ too, reveals Bleeping Computer. In fact, a Dr. Web antivirus report has revealed that the adware apps and data-stealing Trojans were among the biggest threats to Android phones in May 2022. Know all details about these treacherous Android malware apps and what you must do about it.

How does this Android malware work?

This adware malware on Google Play Store can bring unwanted advertisements on your Android smartphones which can generally be intrusive, deplete the battery, can generate more heat, spoil user experience, and can even cause unauthorized financial transactions. The worst part is that this Android malware software tries to hide by masquerading as something else that can host devices and makes money for remote operators by forcing the user to tap on the affiliated advertisements.

The data-stealing malware is also very dangerous as it can steal the login credentials for websites that you frequently login to, including social media and online banking accounts!

Do you have these Android malware apps on your phone?

The report mentions the threats to your Android devices. Among many, here are the 5 known Android malware apps on the Google Play Store that are still available:

  • PIP Pic Camera Photo Editor: This has managed to surpass more than 1 million downloads. The malware hides in the image-editing software that steals the Facebook account login details.
  • Wild & Exotic Animal Wallpaper: It is a masquerading adware malware that transforms its icon and name to ‘SIM Tool Kit’ and adds itself to the battery-saving exceptions list. It crossed more than 500,000 downloads.
  • Zodi Horoscope – Fortune Finder: This is another malware that steals Facebook account credentials. This also has more than 500,000 downloads.
  • PIP Camera 2022: Facebook account hijacker malware that has 50,000 downloads. It is a camera effects app.
  • Magnifier Flashlight: It is an adware app that offers videos and static banner ads. It got 10,000 downloads.

The Bleeping Computer report asks users to beware of these apps and other such applications which pose risk to your data and privacy. Users who installed these apps on their Android device should remove them immediately as well as run a full AV scan to uproot any leftovers of the malware.


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