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Hackers steal data through bug, Apple said will fix it soon

 Apple’s iPhone and iPad are counted among the most secure devices in the world. But recently a report has come out which claimed that the data of 500 million iPhone and iPad users has been stolen. Also, according to cyber security company ZecOps, hackers were stealing users’ data for the last 8 years through a bug. Along with this, Apple e-mail has also been used in this hacking.

Information about the bug received from cyber attack
Chief Juke Everahm of the cyber security company says that the bug was discovered when we were investigating a cyber attack last year. At the same time, Jook believes that hackers have used this bug to steal the data of more and more users.

Data of high profile users leaked
According to the report of the cyber security company, hackers mostly targeted high-profile users. For this, hackers resorted to fake e-mail. The report further states that when the e-mail was opened, the hackers used to put virus code in the device of the users, after which they got complete control.

Hackers crashed mail app
Hackers used to coding separately to hack the data of users. As soon as users opened the e-mail app, this app automatically crashed. This gave hackers full access to the user’s device. It has also been learned from the report that in this hacking, the photographs of the users were stolen from the contact.

Apple admitted that there was a bug in the software
Apple has admitted that a bug was present in the app used for email on iPhones and iPads. At the same time, the company has said that an update has been prepared to eliminate this bug and it will soon be extended to all users.

Content retrieved from: https://english.newstracklive.com/news/zecops-report-reveals-50-crore-iphone-and-ipad-users-data-leak-by-one-bug-know-about-it-sc86-nu904-ta272-1087695-1.html.


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