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MozzartBet turns heat on Sh256m software supplier

Betting firm MozzartBet has moved to court to freeze the accounts of a supplier over Sh256 million allegedly paid for the purchase of software used in the gambling business.

The betting firm says Kimaco Connections Ltd failed to deliver the IT platform even after receiving the funds in February 2020. It has sought the freezing of three bank accounts at DTB, Co-operative Bank and NCBA.

The move comes two months after MozzartBet lost more than Sh300 million after the High Court declared the funds as proceeds of crime.

“Despite the substantial payment against the invoices, the defendant did not supply the goods and no justifiable reason has been advanced for the delay in the performance of its obligations,” Mr Rodney Rono, a representative of the firm said in an affidavit.

Justice Esther Maina had in April ruled that the money held in three bank accounts was part of a money-laundering scheme and should be forfeited to the government.

“The applicant (Assets Recovery Agency) has adduced evidence that proves that the 1st respondent (Kimaco Connections ltd) was a shell company incapable of even paying rent for the premises it occupied,” the Judge said.


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