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My Tech Journey – Part 2

2017 was election year. They were gonna happen in a couple of days. Back in my rural home, they probably should have been gathering bulls and rams to welcome their local son back. But silence spread around the tree covered landscape like a homeless ghost. An occasional crow would break the silence with a far away caw. Strange dogs crisscrossed the dusty roads here and there. Soon, a new smell would hit their noses. A smell of excellence, one filled with greatness. One they’d never forget.

Four years had flown by so fast. What had changed? Some beards were beginning to grow, I was a tad taller, a bit of going to the gym was not noticeable, I had a smartphone and still my gait was a bit slow.

For four years at the university, almost everything around me, from the contents of my bag pack to the conversations I had, they were related to computers, software and everything in between. Finally I had found a challenge worth my time. Something out of this world! A world with no end. And boy was I hooked!

Most of the first semester was spent in and out of the library, reading programming books, networking books and playing around on my laptops. I made my first friend in the library actually. A lady who couldn’t get the RJ45 connect correctly into her laptop. And we connected, subtly.

Soon the real learning sped by. Learning binary operations, computer networks, some programming, forensics analysis, the list is endless. I’d confidently say I was a walking IT department. Soon the last CAT came and slowly it sank in: “It’s over. Where I’m I going after this?”

I packed the few clothes I had. I was residing at Sironyo, a few hundred meters from the school gate. Far away for privacy, but close enough for my 7AM classes. The date was 6th of August. I had to book my bus to the capital quick. In these moments, with the political tensions around, non-locals never felt safe.

The route to the city was almost cold. Travelers talked less, hearts raced, you could smell the tension. See, here, elections are a big deal. Sometimes chaos erupts, and being caught in the middle is anybody’s worst thought.

Computer Security and Forensics is the big name I carried from four years. Back then, this was a relatively new field, and few knew about it. Here is a link for some descriptions. Why I chose it? My part 1 post lays the foundation.

Having never done any job hunting, I had no idea how to get me a gig. It’s not something they taught in campus. So I settled at a relatives crib, someone I’m forever grateful for btw. Here, the real hustle began. Shifting between casual jobs to keep myself busy and have some cash, I started understanding how the system works. Things like ‘you gotta know someone to move up the ladder’ kept coming up over and over.

Along the way to this point in my life I picked up a few learning points along the way. Let me try to part with a few.

Learning never stops. I had this thought that after graduating with this computer-genius mind I will be the brightest mind out there. A force to reckon with. Boy was I wrong. I found that life does not revolve around computers, nor will it ever do that. I had to learn to adapt, to accommodate more lessons, to learn more and have an open mind. This meant a wider circle, more connections, more opportunities, and more times than most this proved one of the best life lessons to take on.

Have and maintain a good reputation. I remember the first time someone wanted a solution, I recommended them to someone I knew was good at it and they immediately turned the offer down. It turned out ‘my guy’ had developed a bad reputation of mismanaging projects. I later learnt that he went down the drain. Taking clients work seriously and being genuine in my undertakings has been one of my biggest working point ever since. I believe it’s better to be honest, than be dishonest and lose it all.

Not all days are winning days. On some days, losing will be the only option. But if you’re smart enough to swallow defeat, it won’t be as bitter. Defeat and losing is a big part of success. Being a risk taker means being ready to experience failure. Good thing I’ve learnt is that failing is not the end of the process. Rather, it is part of success.

It all begins in the mind. One of the strongest parts of the human body is the mind. I think there’s a saying that we can do anything if we put our minds to it. This is partly true, but the lesson is that if we’re willing to think it, nothing is stopping us from doing it. To have an abundant life, we must think in the limitless terms of abundance and success.

Forgive more. As much as this is a hard pill, we are all humans. Holding grudges however, adds a burden to the weight you carry on the road to success. I’ve learnt it’s easier to trek with a lighter load. Actually, forgiveness is beneficial to both the giver and receiver.

Being envious will destroy me. if you give envy a foothold in your life, it will take you down with it.

Be grateful everyday. Each day is an opportunity to make a change in the world, a chance to make another step, a new opportunity to be happy. The most important power lies in a grateful heart. Practice turning your thoughts toward appreciation and thanksgiving, because that is where you will find your gifts, strength and power.

Till the next one, be grateful y’all!!


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