Friday, April 19, 2024

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Fatherhood – a poem

I’m not yet one

But I’ve seen hundreds

Some tall like me

Others short like him

But all have share a name: “DAD”

I’ve heard cries of sons and daughters

Whose father’s knew only the whip and belt

Could settle the matter and bring them to line

Little did they know, these belts tightened around their necks forever

I’ve heard songs of joy echo around

From those who were lifted up whenever they fell

And look forward to have a dad like they had

And songs of joy and praise to be sang once more

Is it trousers that define a man?

No, it’s not

Is it the deepness of the voice?

No, try again

Well, then what is it?

I think it’s just being a man that makes a man a man

Strong people lift others up, not push them down, so they say

Men lift generations up

Men teach children the right ways of life

True men sacrifice for their families

Men climb highest and pull other up

Men lead, and others follow

Many are dads, few are men!


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