Monday, April 15, 2024

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A techie’s morning

A techie's life is the best. I couldn't have chosen a different career path. We're a perfect match. My mornings are however similar to you. You'll be amazed how bored I look in the mornings. This is is just a replay of the early mornings of today...

In a brief moment, I look awestruck. Something shook the walls of my tender sleep. I’m awake.

I reach out from below the sheets and stretch one arm. It’s morning again, another one in the calendar. Where’s my phone? Just a arms-stretch away. Quickly I glance at the clock, it’s a quarter past 5, early enough for today. Remembering I slept almost at dawn, at least I’m happy I deserve a few more minutes in bed. I say a prayer and turn on my phone Wi-Fi.

Email check, none. How so, it was just busy here yesterday? Well, maybe they haven’t woken up yet, I’ll re-check later. I open Titan too. It’s where I have all the emails of my domains. I confirm it’s just several guys wanting to do SEO for me. I’m tempted to tell them I’m also a master at this. I restrain from it. Maybe some other time.

I open Telegram. It’s where some really cool tech channels I follow are at. I read how Biden wants his government to get to zero Carbon emissions. is going to be retired, I will not miss this one. Lot’s of climate change news are on this one, on to the next. This Reddit user says their Pixel phone had a bug that prevented them making a 911 call, interesting read. This blog post tells you how to run a social network for your friends. WhatsApp launches crypto payments in USA, pilot project. This will be attacked, I’m almost sure. Elizabeth Holmes is still trending, uurgh, this lady. A quick skimming on the remaining posts I see Instagram and Motorola mentioned somewhere.

I then check some groups where techies just ask questions and some banter now and then. Nothing much is happening here. Just some few geeks arguing whether Elon Musk’s is a real rocket scientist. You don’t want to see this one (laughs).

The last channel for today is my memes channel. What does my meme plug has today. A banter towards Italians and pizzas, a few more, then a few, oh, I need to move on. Then I close the app.

Off to reply a few WhatsApp messages, check my groups, view some status posts, reply on a few and close the app.

There are no reddit notifications. I’ve fallen in love with the app in the last few months. I won last night’s chess match against a random stranger on app. My expertise level is growing. Time to get up.

I pull the thick sheet off, let out a wicked yawn and drag my frame out of the bed, fumble for my flops and head out. Passing by my laptop, I turn it on. There is this android app that’s bugging me and a PhP project that’s pending.

I take a glass and half of water. There’s no explanation why I cannot finish the second glass. I prepare a cup of ginger tea, set myself on the couch and let out another yawn. I don’t have bacon or sausages. Why? Oh, I’m not white (chuckles).

It’s a good feeling once again. My day has just began.

Merry Christmas!!



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